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Today I want to talking about best place in Italy… let me introduce myself: Hello and welcome here I’m Matteo, Puglia wedding photographer based in Italy, i see myself as a wedding storyteller and I travel anywhere to capture beautiful weddings. so, Many couples who want to marry in Italy ask to me:

What’s the best places to get marry in Italy?

My reply is always the same, the best place to get marry in Italy is Puglia, and if you’re planning your wedding in masseria you are in the right place, this post is made for you!!!
There is one thing that you must know about me: Puglia is my muse, i fell in love with Puglia three years ago when i went with a couple of friends for a holydays week in Ostuni, after that, the next year i shooted my first Puglia wedding in Martina Franca in a Masseria with many Trulli and now.. I wanna shoot wedding in masseria every year!!!!
Trulli.. you may wonder. what are they?

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Puglia is full of culture, history, beautiful cities and nature that fills the eyes with lot of beauty, before talking about Trulli i want to tell you 

Whats the three Best Apulian Cities you must see in your life?


Ostuni also known as “The White City” because of its typical low houses of limestone rocks that populate the narrow streets of its center. If you go into the historic center od Ostuni you can find many stairways and narrow streets surrounded by an ancient and historic charm, the numerous small shops and local animate the nightlife and summers of Ostuni. At its campaigns is a varied choice of Masseria, ancient typical farmhouse in southern Italy. Many Masseria were abandoned in the late nineteenth century, but thanks to the restoration projects, many of them have been restored and converted into beautiful hotels and it’s the best suggestive place to get marry in Puglia.

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Monopoli is a small Italian city near 48km from Ostuni in which historical and natural beauties capture the hearts of travelers every year. Its historic center includes well-9 medieval churches and countless cobblestone alleys. In addition, a few km from Monopoli, in an area with incredible geological features, you cannot go toPuglia and not see the ancient port of Monopoli one of the most important attractions in Puglia and a natural heritage of inestimable value to Italy.

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Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare has a special charm, juts out into the Adriatic Sea from one coast sculpted by the same waters, 24metri high, with its grouping of whitewashed houses with its past which has Greek origins, Polignano A Mare attracts many tourists who stay continuously enchanted by this charming place that seems almost to be a painting.
The three things that you can not miss in Polignano a Mare are: the Arco Marchesale built in the eighteenth century, which is also the entrance of the city, the two Roman era bridges and buildings that were to preserve foodstuffs and the fish and finally the port area where you can admire the natural port with the tip of the “Bastion Saint Stephen”.
And the most important thing of your Romantic Wedding in Polignano a Mare, do not forget to go to dinner at a restaurant created inside of marine rocks!!!!

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What do you mean for “Trulli”?

Trulli are ancient constructions in stone, conical, the typical and unique proto-historic origins of the central and southern Puglia. The oldest Trulli of which trace remains there today were built in the sixteenth century near the plateau of the Murgia Pugliese.
Yes you can find Trulli only in Puglia and the most suggestive and charm city where you can see Trulli is Alberobello that have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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During this little virtual-tour through the Puglia Streets we talked about Cities Trulli and Masserie, and now I want to tell you:

What’s the best Masseria in Puglia for getting marry?

Masseria Potenti

Masseria Potenti was built in ‘XI sec. the name comes from the dialect “Putienti”, it an stunning charming residence, all in white tuff, The highest part of the Masseria is a watchtower, and it’s characterized by the “chianche” (local stone) scattered a bit ‘anywhere in the atria of the Masseria. Here you can taste our silence, peace and the feeling of full temporal abstraction once you cross the entrance door… You will have the feeling of stepping back back in time.

Masseria Spina

The first settlements of Masseria Spina are among the most important examples of rock civilization that develops, in Puglia, between the ninth and twelfth centuries, the traces of ancient pilings dating back to the early medieval period are visible. Masseria Spina is one of the oldest Apulian historic residences, backed by a long and fascinating history. you can relive every detail of the place, where nature, history and tradition bind harmoniously. It is characterized by its unique red color of its kind.

Masseria il Melograno

Made in a fortified Masseria of the 17th century, furnished with antique furniture, valuable carpets, paintings and large tapestries, The Masseria il Melograno with its typical white of Mediterranean buildings, wrapped in the colors and scents of the large flower garden, is in extraordinary harmony with the surrounding area, rich in history and of great artistic and landscape, has a large square for you wedding dinner.

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Masseria Torre Coccaro

Torre Coccaro is a Masseria located on a large estate just a few steps from the sea whose origins date back to the sixteenth century.
Surrounded by antique olive trees, almond trees and carob trees, this tower, once a place of defense against the Turks.
The lookout tower was part of a line of defense against the Saracens who started from the Gargano to reach up to Santa Maria di Leuca, on the tower there is still the ancient dovecote used for messages.

Masseria Montenapoleone

Masseria Montenapoleone is located in the middle of the plain of olive trees surrounding Fasano. This land kissed by the sun and bathed by the crystalline sea in the early nineteenth century was colonized by a group of farmers came from Fasano and Cisternino to cultivate it. Masseria Montenapoleone is located in the heart of the region.

Masseria Mozzone

Bright interiors, with pure white predominance, ensure a holiday of peace and tranquility in a very friendly atmosphere but discreet.
The living room is graced by pleasant walks among the olive trees and a restful sleep in the ancient citrus grove, lying on a hammock and read a book or simply listen to suonidella nature.
Located in the plain of the great ancient olive trees at the foot of the Valle d’Itria and with a splendid view of Ostuni and Fasano, Masseria Mozzone is an old 1700 farmhouse, surrounded by trulli.

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And now what about my Puglia Wedding Photographer?

After that I guess you are sure to want to get marry in Puglia, the most beautiful place in Italy. so maybe you need an Apulian wedding photographer, and i’m here for you!!!!
No matter if you want to get marry in Ostuni, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, Fasano or Manduria, if you’ve decided to have your wedding in Puglia and you’re planning and organizing your big day, I’m the right photographer for you.
I have modern style with a creative touch, unique wedding photography, please take a moment and visit my PORTFOLIO or my recent weddings and projects published on my BLOG.

Puglia Wedding Photographer

I’d love to hear to your story, talking with you about your wedding in Puglia, don’t hesitate to drop me a Line! 🙂

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