My first engagement session on Adriatic coast on film

At the beginning of this year I have been on Puglia to photographing an ancient Masseria, Puglia it’s 6 hours than me by the train and I have got a lot of time to thinking about Myself !!!
I thought about what I definitely love in my Job, first of all Details, details are one of things that characterizes my wedding photography style, I spend a lot of time photographing details along the wedding day and this is one thing that i can’t forget; second one natural light, I cant live without sun one of my preferred destination Is Santorini, Greece, where all is white and blue and the sunlight make all luminous and warm, so every camera I use, lights are the most important thing and the most difficult thing to handle, so I spend a lot of energy to research the best natural light on the venue, the third one the last thing is the heritage that my images make for my clients.
What i promise at all my clients is to going deep and tell their big day
truthfully with my sensitivity, making a family heritage forever through my images.
I love details, Sun and I definitely Believe in the power of the images so I decided to become a Film Wedding Photographer this for make my images even more exclusive and luminous.
So this is my first Engagement session shooted both digital and film and I’m definitely in love with film photography, It’s like shooting more truthfully than ever.
I looking forward to shoot another two engagement sessions on film next month in Rome and next July in amazing Tuscany, so stay tuned!
About this Couple, Silvia and Marco are from le Marche and Me too, and I think Le Marche is one of the beautiful place in Italy to visit, we also called “The second Tuscany” because We have the same landscape.
We decided together to shoot their engagement session on film on the Adriatic Coast in front of Conero Mountain, Just amazing!

Marche Wedding Photographer Engagement Session On Film

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