Nice to meet you, I am Matteo and I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer. My work and my passion is creating fine-art images of intimate moments to make them timeless memories.

I see myself as a

Wedding Storyteller

Destination Wedding Photographer

Before becoming a professional destination wedding photographer I was passionate about photography in general and still I am. I purchased much more photography books than any type of cameras and most of the pictures in those books are in Black & White, shot on films made in the years between 1925 and 1990; those pictures represent People that I’ve never met and Places I’ve never seen in my life. Photography repeats an instant of second over and over again, telling me little stories of every person and place in that pictures, making timeless memories. That is what I want to do: tell stories, through my eyes and sensibility.

I am creative, mad to live, spontaneous and talkative. I’ m engaged with the most wonderful woman on earth; I love food, cinema, travelling and discovering new places and I can’t even imagine a single day of my life without music and books. Photography is my passion, I love it, but there is one more reason why I do this: I can’t live without connections with persons. Wedding photography gives me the opportunity to know many people from all around the world and that makes me a better man. When I started to be a Destination Wedding Photographer I wanted to create my own view and I understood… The only way to create my own style is


My personal photographic style is a combination of my experiences as human being.

Wedding is an amazing celebration, your “Big Day” will be the best day of your life, and I want to create something special and unique for you.
If you are looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer with a personal style, please feel free to inquire about my wedding collections, I’m here for YOU.


The Stories

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